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Non-Slip 8 Inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool

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Achieve the captivating look of curves effortlessly with our 8-inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool. By sewing narrow strips onto two adjacent sides of the center square and wider strips onto the remaining sides, you'll create stunning curves. Use the tool's holes to mark the wrong side of the center square, ensuring impeccable seam allowances. Then, sew a round—comprising two narrow and two wide strips—and trim. Repeat this process for two more rounds to craft a flawless 8-inch finished block. Conveniently, cutting requirements for both narrow and wide strips, as well as the center square, are clearly indicated on the tool.

Our tool effortlessly glides over fabric until pressure is applied, thanks to our exclusive gripper, ensuring fabric remains securely in place during cutting, eliminating slips and inaccurate cuts. Each tool comes with a QR code printed on the tool to access a video demonstration.

Total Size: 8-1/2in x 8-1/2in